Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hey my loves I know it has been a hot minute since I have posted anything on here. Its just been a rough time so far. So just a little update i now work 2 jobs,  ive been sick  i had bronchitis and an upper respritory infection( gross I know lol) umm been having so personal family losses soo yea i am just trying to get everything back i order before coming back to all this so i am not stressing. i hope you all can understand. But in the mean time i hope you all take care of yourselfs and have a blessed day. Count your blessings.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

shoedazzel. Love them!!!!

Hey Hey everyone!!!!! Hoe are you doing? Lol. Well lets get to it. I Love Shoedazzel!!!! For all of you who don't know what shoedazzel is, it is a website where you take a style quiz, then style experts build your show case whatever they call thiers. They do charge a monthley fee of 39.95 BUT you can skip the month if you would like but it has to be within the first 5 days of the beginning of the month if you don't they will charge your account. So don't forget. But the thing I love about it, is the fact you have variety from shoes, to handbags, to jewerly, and to casuals. Casuals are more like sneakers flats and small wedge shoes. I mean who doesn't like varitey and everything is just 39.95 . They also have Dazzel deals and collections for you to look at. And you can check out your friends showcase. Thats if you invite a friend to join too. But for real check them out and let me know what you think. I am not being paid to say this. It is all my own opinion and I did spend on my own money on the item(s) I bought. Take care.

* so The item Purchases was a shoe . It is called Chanelle color is Nude. and to me they are true to thier size.
Soooo Freaking Gorgous

Front of the box

On the side

And the other side .The hole is a pull hole. :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Shopping!!!!!! Yay me. lol jk ( Haul )

Hey Hey Loves!!!! Here are the list of items I have bought for the past few days. I have went to Target, Rainbows, Body Central, and Victoria Secrets. Hope You like the items I have bought and hopefully I inspired you to get them and try them out for yourself. I do have a video on this haul so please don't forget to checkout my youtube channel and subscribe to it. It is So yay thanks and enjoy. Have a blessed day.


So From Target I got:

An eyelash curler. I needed a new one because my other one is breaking. And this by Trim.

$1.00 each
Elf Lashes in number 1713 and 1714. I really don't use false lashes. But I wanted to try them out and experiment with them.

$3.00 & $1.00
Elf Eyeliner brush and an Elf Shadow brush. I never used an eyeliner brush. Well at least not the angeled brush so I have some cream liners and i wanted to try a new tool with them and see if i can get a better line with it. And I also wanted a smaller shadow brush so i can have more control on my product.

$3.00 each
I thought these were pretty neat. It is a Shadow stick and a liner. I use the shadow stick as a base sometimes just like my NYX jumbow sticks. And I really don't have a variety in my eyeliner so i was excited to get different colors. They go on very smooth. So the colors I got in order where Green and moss, Basic and Brown, and Purple and Plum.

Here is a swatch of them. So Left to right is purple and plum, basic and brown, and green and moss. So far I love them.

$6.49 & $6.99
The Milani Eye tech  Liquid eye liner. It is a felt tip pen which I like I like how smooth it glides on and how much control I got on it. Then the Voluminous Million Lashes is also great it does feel like it gets every strand of lashes I got.

Look how good that liner is. Gosh love it. Lol

$1.00 each
I bought the rest of the shadow colors i just needed two more and I got them, they are moondust and sage. I do like how they pigmented for being a dollor and it feels kinda creamy not in a bad way though.

How pretty are those colors. Can't wait to use them.

$5.99 & $4.64
I really don't wear lipstick but I wanted to try them out. So far I got two in my collection. One is Rimmel and the other one is from the queen collection.

At first i thought they looked like almost he same color but one is more darker than the other.

They glide on very smooth they feel creamy which is good. And the colors are so pretty so far I am satisfied with the two.

Then I also went to Rainbows, Body Central, Victoria Secrets, and Spencers and I got :

$26.50 & $9.99
Victoria Sevret " V" neck T & Romper from Body Central

$9.99 & $6.99
"Laugh" crop top from Rainbows & Gray big pink lips from Body Central

Pink crop top from Rainbows

So lately I have been getting into crop tops.Well now I own 3 And I finally found a romper I like. No wait I don't like it I love it!!!!! And the Victoria Secret V neck T is just too cute it is in my favorite color I had to get it.

I got this VS dog for free when I purchased my shirt

$2.99 & $1.99 each

I got these bracelet bands because I just liked the saying on the "ur mom" then the other two I love the rasta colors. I am not a weed head so please don't think I am.

Then Online I order a 2yr anniversary V neck T to celebrate and support Jarmaine. If you do not know who she is you need to check out her videos on youtube here channel is I love Jarmaine. She is just so fun to watch she is funny goofy but real. So don't forget to check her out.

Well that concludes My Haul. i hoped you enjoyed it. If you have any question just leave them and I'll be more than happy to answer them.and please don't forget to check out my youtube channel and subscribe. Thanks Bye!!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mini Target Haul

Hey everyone so I did a little shopping this past week at Target. So here are the items I have bought I also have pics of the swatches and the name of the colors. Enjoy oh yea and also I will have a video on this haul so don't forget to check that out. Thanks and God bless. XoXo.

This is E.L.F Eyeshadow for a $1.00 The color is called Sage. It ios kind of a green color to me it looks like and olive color. the swatch I did is right next to it. I have tried so many times to get a good pic of it but it didn't come up as well as I hope it would this is the best I got of it. Hopefully on video you can see the color better.

This is a beach mat. This was $2.50. This is how it looks like when it is layed out. This is great for the lake beach or park for a single person, so you don't get like sand or dirt on yourself.

I love these colors they are great colors for the summer.

These Cream eyeliners are the best and they were $3.00 a piece. The colors are midnight, plum, and black. They are smudge proof and water resistance.

And this really cute box is so cute and was only $1.00. I keep all my dirty brushes in here or i can put all my clean brushes or also my cotton balls or trash. It has a pink ribbon handle that I show in my video.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Youtube Make up gurus

There are so many talented and beautiful make up gurus on youtube. I'm glad that they show us thier tips, tricks, and techniques. From simple and neutral to bold and colorful. I would name all the gurus but I love so many of them lol. But if any of them read this thank ypu for taking time out of your day to make the videos. They are helpful and inspiring. Have a great day. Xoxo

Make Up

Hey everyone so here is a little something about me .....I love make up~!!!! i am not a professional or anything but I love to experiment with different colors, textures, brands, and techniques. So on here I here i will be posting my hauls, outfit of the day, reviews, and other things that just come to my brilliant mind of mine lol jk. Well any way I do have a youtube channel so check it out. I am new to these things like blogging and you tubing I also have a twitter so don't forget to follow. Ok hmmm lets see if there is anything I need to type about. i will try my very best to keep everything up date.Take care and don't be a stranger. Leave comments lol.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


ok i just started this to see it goes. i like to express my feelings about certain situations. but i was just wondering how does this really work. if anyone can help me i would really appreciate it. thanks.