Tuesday, August 2, 2011

shoedazzel. Love them!!!!

Hey Hey everyone!!!!! Hoe are you doing? Lol. Well lets get to it. I Love Shoedazzel!!!! For all of you who don't know what shoedazzel is, it is a website where you take a style quiz, then style experts build your show case whatever they call thiers. They do charge a monthley fee of 39.95 BUT you can skip the month if you would like but it has to be within the first 5 days of the beginning of the month if you don't they will charge your account. So don't forget. But the thing I love about it, is the fact you have variety from shoes, to handbags, to jewerly, and to casuals. Casuals are more like sneakers flats and small wedge shoes. I mean who doesn't like varitey and everything is just 39.95 . They also have Dazzel deals and collections for you to look at. And you can check out your friends showcase. Thats if you invite a friend to join too. But for real check them out and let me know what you think. I am not being paid to say this. It is all my own opinion and I did spend on my own money on the item(s) I bought. Take care.

* so The item Purchases was a shoe . It is called Chanelle color is Nude. and to me they are true to thier size.
Soooo Freaking Gorgous

Front of the box

On the side

And the other side .The hole is a pull hole. :)