Monday, July 25, 2011

Shopping!!!!!! Yay me. lol jk ( Haul )

Hey Hey Loves!!!! Here are the list of items I have bought for the past few days. I have went to Target, Rainbows, Body Central, and Victoria Secrets. Hope You like the items I have bought and hopefully I inspired you to get them and try them out for yourself. I do have a video on this haul so please don't forget to checkout my youtube channel and subscribe to it. It is So yay thanks and enjoy. Have a blessed day.


So From Target I got:

An eyelash curler. I needed a new one because my other one is breaking. And this by Trim.

$1.00 each
Elf Lashes in number 1713 and 1714. I really don't use false lashes. But I wanted to try them out and experiment with them.

$3.00 & $1.00
Elf Eyeliner brush and an Elf Shadow brush. I never used an eyeliner brush. Well at least not the angeled brush so I have some cream liners and i wanted to try a new tool with them and see if i can get a better line with it. And I also wanted a smaller shadow brush so i can have more control on my product.

$3.00 each
I thought these were pretty neat. It is a Shadow stick and a liner. I use the shadow stick as a base sometimes just like my NYX jumbow sticks. And I really don't have a variety in my eyeliner so i was excited to get different colors. They go on very smooth. So the colors I got in order where Green and moss, Basic and Brown, and Purple and Plum.

Here is a swatch of them. So Left to right is purple and plum, basic and brown, and green and moss. So far I love them.

$6.49 & $6.99
The Milani Eye tech  Liquid eye liner. It is a felt tip pen which I like I like how smooth it glides on and how much control I got on it. Then the Voluminous Million Lashes is also great it does feel like it gets every strand of lashes I got.

Look how good that liner is. Gosh love it. Lol

$1.00 each
I bought the rest of the shadow colors i just needed two more and I got them, they are moondust and sage. I do like how they pigmented for being a dollor and it feels kinda creamy not in a bad way though.

How pretty are those colors. Can't wait to use them.

$5.99 & $4.64
I really don't wear lipstick but I wanted to try them out. So far I got two in my collection. One is Rimmel and the other one is from the queen collection.

At first i thought they looked like almost he same color but one is more darker than the other.

They glide on very smooth they feel creamy which is good. And the colors are so pretty so far I am satisfied with the two.

Then I also went to Rainbows, Body Central, Victoria Secrets, and Spencers and I got :

$26.50 & $9.99
Victoria Sevret " V" neck T & Romper from Body Central

$9.99 & $6.99
"Laugh" crop top from Rainbows & Gray big pink lips from Body Central

Pink crop top from Rainbows

So lately I have been getting into crop tops.Well now I own 3 And I finally found a romper I like. No wait I don't like it I love it!!!!! And the Victoria Secret V neck T is just too cute it is in my favorite color I had to get it.

I got this VS dog for free when I purchased my shirt

$2.99 & $1.99 each

I got these bracelet bands because I just liked the saying on the "ur mom" then the other two I love the rasta colors. I am not a weed head so please don't think I am.

Then Online I order a 2yr anniversary V neck T to celebrate and support Jarmaine. If you do not know who she is you need to check out her videos on youtube here channel is I love Jarmaine. She is just so fun to watch she is funny goofy but real. So don't forget to check her out.

Well that concludes My Haul. i hoped you enjoyed it. If you have any question just leave them and I'll be more than happy to answer them.and please don't forget to check out my youtube channel and subscribe. Thanks Bye!!!!

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  1. Ohh this is a big ole' haul! Love the romper. I've been looking for another floral one to add to my collection but I always feel like I look like I'm pregnant whenever I wear one. Oh dear. Btw, thank you for the follow on beautylish :)